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CRAFTED is a marketing agency that serves manufacturers and service providers whose products and services are well-crafted. The well-crafted brand is respect, confidence, and competence made visible. Well-crafted is a value. One we hold dear. We help clients identify and translate the well-crafted into marketing strategies that will draw industry recognition, drive customer engagement, and increase revenue opportunities. CRAFTED has over 20 years of design experience in a multitude of disciplines — brand creation, brand strategy, web and social, channel marketing support, and 3-dimensional branding — and a reputation for delivering effective marketing that makes good business sense. We are especially passionate about helping challenger brands go beyond how and what they do to find their unique “why” and then use that point of differentiation to supercharge marketing results. Our flagship offering is the Crafted Workshop, a highly structured, end-to-end approach to the diagnosis, evaluation, planning and implementation of high-impact marketing initiatives. Other services offered include general consulting, channel marketing support, identity creation and maintenance, brand strategy, 3-dimensional branding. For more information, visit us at

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