The 2019 Student American Advertising Awards


The American Advertising Awards Competition: Student Division, sponsored by the AAF is the advertising industry’s premiere national creative awards competition designed specially for college students.

Work entered at the local level can advance to the regional and national judging, just like the work entered by professionals across the country.

This is your chance to show off your creative talents and have fun doing it! Plus any creative director in any ad agency would be impressed with work that has been submitted to the Student AAAwards in your portfolio. No restrictions on themes or topics, no clients telling you to make the logo bigger, no instructors telling you to keep it 8.5” x 11”. Go wild!

And yes… there is a cash prize for the local Charlotte Student Best of Show winner and if your entry moves on to the National level there is a $1,000 cash prize for the National Student Best of Show winner.

Awards Gala.

The winning Student award trophies and Student Best of Show will be handed out at a Gala in February of 2020, date and location to come soon. An email will be sent to your contact information stating if you won an award before the event giving you enough time to plan to attend the ceremony and celebrate!

For any questions please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Student ADDYs?

    • The Student ADDYs is a creative competition and is a subcategory of the National American Advertising Awards competition (AAAwards), sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

  2. What is the Charlotte Student AAAwards Fund and is it free?

    • Student entry fees are nationally $30 per entry.

    • The local Charlotte creative community will pay for your 1st entry. Businesses and marketing agencies donate money to the Charlotte Student AAAwards Fund to support the future creatives of tomorrow.

  3. Can I enter more than one entry.

    • Yes. If you see more opportunities to enter your work into other categories please submit your entry online. But, please don’t enter a logo into a Photography category as it will be disqualified from that category.

  4. Who is eligible to compete in the Student AAAwards?

    • Any full-time or part-time student in an accredited US educational institution can compete in the Student AAAwards.

  5. Work must be created while entrant is a student not employed in the advertising industry or its related fields.

    • Student interns are eligible.

  6. What types of work can be entered into the Student AAAwards?

    • Work may be developed specifically for this competition or submitted from previous competitions, school projects or classes.

    • Work developed for paying clients will not be accepted with the exception of work created for clubs as fundraisers or for student publications.

  7. Can I submit work that was created by more than 1 person?

    • Yes, you can submit a group project as long as everyone who had a part in creating the work is aware that it is being entered into the Student AAAwards and that they are listed on the bylines.

  8. Is there a cash prize?

    • Charlotte local Best of Show Student AAAwards winners will receive $500

    • National Best of Show Student AAAwards winners will receive $1,000.

  9. What types of entries can I enter?

    • For official categories for entries click here.

    • There are 12 different categories; Television, Radio, Interactive etc. But do not hesitate to enter work that may not be specifically mentioned in the category list. Often, the club or district may help find a place for it, or even create a category so your work can be judged.

  10. Are there sample ads or past winning pieces that I can view?

  11. When I send in my entries, how do they need to be submitted?

    • All work submitted in the Student AAAwards Competition is subject to the same rules and guidelines and submission requirements as the Professional AAAwards Competition. For clear instructions on how to submit your entries please download this PDF.

  12. Will I get my entry back after the competition?

    • No, the clubs cannot guarantee return of your entry. Always be sure to submit a copy or duplicate, not original art. All entries become the property of AAF. Please do not send original artwork.

  13. Who judges the Student ADDYs?

    • A panel of creative ad folks from the best local ad agencies.

Additional Contact Info

  1. For “How-To” questions contact:

  2. Or call AAF Headquarters at (800) 999-2231 or at

  3. Technical/Software questions, contact Omni Solutions at (301) 869-3453 or at


HOW TO ENTER to 2019 AAAwards

[Opens November, 2019]

Entries must first be submitted online.

  1. Visit the American Advertising Awards Portal page.

  2. Choose the Student Entries section. Complete the online forms about yourself and the entry. Upload a digital file of your entry complete the submission.

  3. Your 1st entry is paid for by the Charlotte Student AAAwards Fund. Each additional entry thereafter is $30. Additional entries can be paid by check or done over the phone via credit card with a Board member.

  4. Print out the manifest of your entry and sign.

  5. If you have any trouble entering please email

Once submitted online please drop off the physical submission.

  1. Bring the signed manifest and two copies of the submission to the drop off location.

    1. The manifest is a document of your submission provides information on your entries to judges, locally, regionally and nationally.

    2. Two copies are used to ensure that after each review we have still have a good quality piece to carry on to the next level if it gets selected.

    3. Place your physical copies and documents inside a large envelope, the bigger the better. Can be a clear, white or manilla envelope. The label for you entry goes directly on the front of the envelope.

  2. Include your contact information so we can follow up with any questions to make sure your entry goes through smoothly.